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Getting Started – For Creators


  1. Click the Signup button in the upper right corner of the screen:
    1. Fill in your:
      1. Username (use something unique that symbolizes your personality)
      2. Email 
      3. Password (use a complex password that contains Uppercase and Lowercase, Numbers and Symbols)
      4. Select the Checkbox Agreeing to Terms of Service and Privacy Policy
  2. Check your email for your email Authorization Code.
  3. Return to page and fill in the Authorization Code.
  4. Login back into site. (Save password in browser is optional but recommended) 
  5. Choose CREATOR and choice screen between Creator and Member.


  1. Fill out your Member Details (these are your personal details for commenting and chatting on the site outside of your creator page)
    1. Fill in Your:
      1. Profile Photo
      2. First and Last Name
      3. Birthdate (optional)
      4. Gender (optional)


  1. Fill in your Creator Details:
    1. Cover Photo (Use a wide photo with safe space around text)
    2. Creator Photo  – use a quare photo that will fit nicely in a circle
    3. Creator Name – the name that will appear on your Creator Profile (can be a person’s name, band, etc)
    4. Category – Choose a Category from the Dropdown menu
    5. Description – fill in a description of yourself as a creator


  1. Subscription Name – this will autofill with our creator name + subscription – but feel free to modify it to your liking
  2. Subscription Price – this will be the monthly amount charged to you subscribers 
  3. Subscription Description
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